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Corporate Philosophy

In harmony of human and nature, sharing the common purposes with our customers,
We strive for creativity of higher values and contribute to social prosperity.

Under the theme of “Mibyo”

Under the theme of “Mibyo” or pre-symptomatic stage which requires a strong body against illnesses, we endeavor to develop products useful for your health.

By the unprecedented earthquake disaster and flood damage which occurred in 2011, and yet the nuclear power plant disaster caused by the flood, people have suffered a great deal of damage and it has still set in the painful situation. Furthermore at the same time, the Japanese food safety myth proud of to the world is collapsing.

In such a situation, more than the former, we must protect ourselves by ourselves and think it imperative to support our daily living.

Without doing showy advertising, KOTOBUKI Fermentation has tackled earnestly for fermentation seriously for 50 years since foundation.

This couldn’t be done without the favor of you, our earnest supporters.
I give our sincere thanks to you all here.

From now on, we will seek advice from Dr. Mizuho Nonomura, the chairperson of Japan Eating-Habits Instruction Center, and work on much higher quality product development and information dissemination on the theme of a pre-symptomatic stage of “Mibyo”.

In order to have our products in safety and comfort, we will provide the local information on raw material for our fermentation and selected beneficial health information through this homepage. I would be very happy if this could become an aid for greater viewers to understand the merit of our fermentation products.

Finally, for healthy days of all family from child to advanced age, we will be more than pleased to know that you can use any products of KOTOBUKI Fermentation.



Company Name
June 1, 1962
Company Establishment
February 1, 1994
10 million yen (10, 000, 000)
Head Quarters/Sennan Factory
669 Tannowa, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka, 599-0301
TEL: +81 72 494 1111
FAX: +81 72 494 1122
Board Member
President, Sigekazu Tsuzikawa
Production of soft drink (mainly fermented beverage and foods)
Production and distribution of health food
Distribution of cosmetics
Bank of account
Bank of Tokyo-Mitubishi UFJ, Ltd., Senba Branch
Kiyo Bank, Ltd., Fuke Branch
Business License
Manufacturing license of soft drink
Manufacturing-and-selling permission of cosmetics
Manufacturing-and-selling permission of unregulated drug
Member Organization
Chamber of Commerce of Osaka
Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association
West-Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
Osaka Food Hygiene Association
National Direct-sales Circulation Association
Major Products
“KOTOBUKI KOSO” vegetable extract fermented beverages
“ENZAMIN” fermented food
“EMINENT” basic skin care products
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)
OEM of various beauty and health food and beverages


March 1962
Initial development of fermented beverage with the viewpoint that it is beneficial to a human body
KOTOBUKI KOSO HONPO founded in Minato-ku, Osaka City for its manufacturing and selling
June 1968
Consultation to start a dry-type bathhouse utilizing heat produced through fermentation; this consultation is still on business.
April 1968
First factory constructed at 669 Tannowa, Misakicho, Sennan-gun, Osaka
February 1994
September 1970
Trademark “EMINENT” cosmetics with authentic plant active enzyme developed successfully
May 1987
LEBEN Pharmaceutical Inc. established
September 1987
KOTOBUKI KOSO SCIENCE CO., LTD merged into LEBEN Pharmaceutical Inc.
Manufacturing license of soft drink acquired
Soft drink production launched
November 1992
Tannowa Factory honored for its outstanding work of food hygiene by the governor of Osaka Prefecture
February 1994
Production of liquid concentrate for fermented beverage commissioned by LEBEN Pharmaceutical Inc.
June 1998
Name of KOTOBUKI KOSO LIMITED chanced to KOTOBUKI LIFE CO. LTD due to restructuring
October 1998
Tannowa Factory honored for its outstanding work of food hygiene by Japan Food Hygiene Association
May 2001
Tannowa Factory honored for its outstanding work of food hygiene by Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry
May 2009
KOTOBUKI LIFE taking over sales of fermented beverage from LEBEN Pharmaceutical Inc.
January 2010
April 10th 2008
Manufacturing license of soft drink acquired
December 1st 2008
Manufacturing-and-selling permission of cosmetics acquired
May 18th 2010
Manufacturing-and-selling permission of unregulated drug acquired

Manufacturing Facility

In order for our customers to enjoy our products in comfort, the safe side and the hygiene side have been severely managed not to mention using the raw material selected carefully.

Main production facility (drink contracted manufacture equipment)

Filling equipment
Filling line (capacity: 300ml ~ 1200ml)
Filling incidental equipments
Semi- pure manufacture machine
Heat sterilization preparation pot
Heat sterilization tank
Fermentation equipment
Refrigeration room
Vacuum evaporation machine (Alcohol remove machine)
Quality Inspection equipments (Laboratory)
Standard bacteria and coliform bacilli inspection machine
Material alcohol content measuring instrument
PH meter
Warm temperature warehouse for severe preservation tests
Bx meter
Color difference meter
Geiger counter and others
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