Fermentation method not to preserve in sugar

Fermentation and production process



Two-step fermentation by lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungi

A common fermentation drink is made by the “sugar extraction” which preserves sliced vegetables and fruits in sugar and ferments them.

On the other hand, KOTOBUKI Fermentation does not employ such sugar preservation, but the “lactic acid fermentation” instead. After that, with yeast fungi added, we prepare the environment where yeast fungi can be increased for further fermentation.

KOTOBUKI Fermentation which is not preserved in sugar but is made by the two-step fermentation by lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungi, has low sugar and therefore low calorie contents.

KOTOBUKI Fermentation has as little as 30% of the sugar content while other fermentation drinks contain double the sugar: about 60%.

The merit of the two-step fermentation

Rich and abundant fermentation products
The lactic acid fermentation of the raw material abundantly increases the “fermentation products” which are substances produced in fermentation.

Fermentation following endless
The fermentation product made by the lactic acid fermentation serves as the source of nutrient in a fermentation process, and fermentation follows endless.
Through the thorough fermentation, it will contain alcohol no less than 8 to 10% just like wine.

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