Features of KOTOBUKI Fermentation



Low calorie content without preserving in much suga
Half sugar content compared with the conventional fermentation beverages Low calorie fermentation drink.

Abundant nutrients by the two-step fermentation
Prolonged fermentation maturing through the two-step fermentation by lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungi.
Rich and abundant contents through the fermentation process.

Use of 66 kinds of seasonal fresh natural material
Use of natural material, such as seasonal fresh vegetable, fruits, and mushrooms.
Rich and abundant nutrients of raw material in our fermentation extract.

Great power for health and cosmetics
Great variety of contents through the fermentation process: vitamins, minerals, amino acid, organic acid, etc.
Those nutrients vitalize our bodies.

Easy to drink and great in taste
As a result of repeating improvement over the half century, our fermentation drink goes smooth and delicious.

For safety and comfort
Several inspections by public institutions and our in-house examinations such as Geiger counter
No use of artificial preservatives.
Each family member enjoys our products in comfort.

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