Since 1962

KOTOBUKI YAKUSHO, since its foundation in 1962, has studied fermentation and has successfully developed our original fermentation method which enables to reduce sugar to half, compared to other fermentation beverages. It is called “KOTOBUKI Fermentation.”

Theme is “Non-disease”

Making products that help to everyone's health

Kotobuki-koso has been seriously working on the enzyme since 1962. In the future, we will moreover work on high quality product development and provide information about non-disease.

Measures for safe food

Through several inspections by public institutions and our in-house examinations such as a Geiger counter, we try to obtain the safest vegetables and fruits which are the raw material of our fermentation liquid. We always make sure to provide our customers safety and satisfaction.

Two-step fermentation by lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungi

KOTOBUKI Fermentation is rich in substances produced in two steps of fermentation: one by lactic acid bacteria and the other by yeast fungi. Therefore, our fermentation method has succeeded to reduce sugar to half. The sugar content is as low as 30%. It is not only low in calories but also great in taste.

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Dr. Mizuho Nonomura The chairperson of Japan Eating-Habits Instruction Center
KOTOBUKI Fermentation is very easy to drink. I highly recommend it to any generations to maintain good health in their daily lives.